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Saturday, 23 July 2011

A Special Day and some new work

Allendale Forge Studios held its official opening last Thursday when HRH Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex came to visit.  It was a lovely day - here are a few of us waiting to be presented.

It was very busy in the run up to the opening as we all wanted to have our pitches well stocked and looking good.  I have just started a new series of locally inspired pictures which are developments of the technique I described a couple of months ago.

These are approx A4 size but I Have decided I like this technique enough to try some larger pieces now.  I really love using the fibres to build up landscapes - so much easier blending them than mixing paint!  These two and a seascape are for sale in the Forge shop.


  1. These are lovely Pat. Were they made on the embellisher or with a hand felting tool?

  2. Mostly with the embellisher. I love the freedom of combining various fibres and watching them mix as I work. I use silk fibres in the final layer to add highlights and shadows